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The Tide

Tides are the rise and fall of sea levels.

Some shore points offer a wide beach and predictable waves.

This winter we traveled to Northern California.

There were many bluffs and cliffs.

Access to the beach at some spots was a bit treacherous and uninviting to most.

Sometimes, there were those who braved the steep slopes and tried to skirt around the mud.

When the tide was high, there was very little beach.

One day, we were standing on the beach.

I was reminded several times during my stay of the song lyrics “Like a crashing wave, flowing over me.

The Living Water of the Holy Spirit is what we all need – and lots of waves of it – to keep us well-hydrated and healthy.

We can just skirt the shore, refusing to allow the water touch us.

It’s the only way to have victory.

God wants to send another wave of glory your way.

He wants you to venture out on the beach farther than you’ve ever gone before.

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