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Mary Eisenacher


Apostle/Prophet/Author/Songwriter-Worship Leader

Call of the Wild Ministries, Inc.

A 501 (c)(3) Religious Corporation

Based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (USA)

Apostle Mary Eisenacher is Founder/CEO of Call of the Wild Ministries, Inc. — an Apostolic Revivalist Ministry with the Mission: “Helping Others Answer God’s Call.”  

She is an ordained minister (consecrated as an Apostle/Prophet) and is a member of several international fellowships.  

Called by God into a Spirit-filled, Spirit-led life, she has the mandate to help others get prepared for The Great Commission. Walking through many changes in her life to get to this season, she knows first-hand the pitfalls and triumphs of following Jesus to unknown places to fulfill the call on her life.  

She is an author of many books with an Honorary Doctorate of Sacred Literature, a songwriter with over 100 songs, an apostolic revivalist, conference leader, pulpit minister, intercessor, worship leader, modern-day psalmist, and she can bring others into the throne room. Through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, she creates an atmosphere where the prophetic word can come forth to heal, mend, and soothe. Her ministry will exhort you to be all that you can be through freedom in Christ Jesus. 

She is a wife, mother, and grandmother — residing in Pennsylvania (USA) with her husband Stephen, a retired Professional Structural Engineer. He is ordained as an Elder and Vice-President of the ministry, serving with his gift of wisdom.  

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