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The High Places

Woke up one morning last week with the Ron Kenoly song in my spirit:  “Going Up to the High Places.”  The next line is “to tear the devil’s kingdom down.”  

It really is the intercessor’s job to do battle in the heavenlies.  And, when we get together with others who know how to get a prayer through, the corporate dynamic comes into play.  

How can that happen?  

Unity by the Spirit of God is not a new thing, but it has been tragically impeded by those who are building their own kingdoms.  As a woman apostle/prophet – or should I say moving in that anointing, because I am not hung up on titles – I want to gather people to pray in one accord for the purpose of enjoying an open heaven.  

How does that start?  

With real worship that centers on singing and talking directly to God, not just about Him.  We will be doing just that at our next meeting on September 26th here in Harrisburg, PA.  Join us if you can, or find others who are connecting through worship and prayer.  

And, remember that the Lord needs you to bring your requests to Him.

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