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Last week, I was interviewed on international internet radio about my ministry and many, many subjects.  I thank God that He was with me and that Christopher Thomas of is such an excellent host.  He has a way of drawing the best out and asking the right questions.  It’s always my desire to see souls saved and people encouraged in the Lord.  As I reminisce, it’s always a wonder of who in the world might hear this event.  This station is already reaching 93 countries.  In this world of scrolling by so many FB posts, emails, and websites  . . . could it be that the right audience will hear?  I certainly pray so.  One thing for sure, before I went on the air the Lord gave me a word, and it was “transition.”

The word “transition” continues to be a trigger word for many who are under the gun, so to speak, in knowing that change is inevitable and required.  Seeing some who are changing to the next season of their lives with a new career, mission or responsibility – it is not something to be sneezed at, or dismissed as easy. 

Some are transitioning into a new mindset because they are staying right where they have been for a while.  Because we love to try something new and sometimes look for being validated by being an expert at something, we don’t want to fall into the trap of being discontent or unsatisfied when we are required to continue in the same situation.  There are times when God just wants us to continue on in faith with the same people, places, or things on into the next season.  So whether the word is to “go” or “stay,” God can put an anointing on you that transcends above the unfamiliar or familiar.

My prayer for you today is that you have the peace and inner strength prompted by the Holy Spirit to continue in this journey, knowing that you are running the good race.

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