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It's a new day!

It's a new day as America approaches another July 4th. As Americans, we are happy for the freedoms we have received.

We continue to see that freedoms as Christians are being chipped away.  So, we have a mandate to pray for God to help us keep our freedoms and to pray for God to reveal Himself to the leaders in this country.

We find ourselves continually attacked in the media.  But, the Kingdom of God is far bigger than the media, the culture, or America!  Our Savior, Lord, and King - The Lord Jesus Christ - has won the battle for us at the cross.


Last week, I was interviewed on international internet radio about my ministry and many, many subjects.  I thank God that He was with me and that Christopher Thomas of is such an excellent host.  He has a way of drawing the best out and asking the right questions.  It’s always my desire to see souls saved and people encouraged in the Lord.  As I reminisce, it’s always a wonder of who in the world might hear this event.  This station is already reaching 93 countries.
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