Call of the Wild Ministries - "Helping Others Answer God's Call"


S upport 
Training, Equipping, Releasing

E ncouragement 
Discipleship, & Placement

A ffirmation 
ID of Spiritual Gifts & Calling

R econciliation 
Peacemaking with God & Man

C omfort 
Inner Healing & Deliverance

H ope 
The Word, Practical Steps


Make an appointment for a ministry consultation by email ( 

Add your name to the contact page to receive event notices.

Schedule Mary to speak and minister by sending a proposal to 
Call of the Wild Ministries' office email (

Order and enjoy resources written by Mary.

 Our events include:

One Day Conferences
  Training, Equipping, Releasing 

Prayer Journeys - contact us for more information
  Travel to locations to pray & redeem the land.

Mentoring & Collaborating - make a proposal
  Helping newly called & established ministers.

Women's Meetings
  Conferences and Women's Ministries U.S.A.

Worship Services - At most of our gatherings
  Apostolic Revival Services

Altar Ministry Training
  Observation & Guidance
Check our events page for future dates!

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